Friday, January 14, 2011

My Friend Ella

Today we had my little friend, Ella, over to play.

Timothy was at preschool, so Matthew and Ella had fun playing together.

Ella, who will turn 3 next month, is such a precious girly-girl. 

She loves to put on her princess dress, all her bracelets, all her necklaces, her crown, and twirl in the mirror.

She puts her little hand on her hip when she's talking to me. 

Ella is the proof that God makes girls girls and boys boys.   No one had to teach her to be feminine.  And if someone were to submerge her in an environment with all men and boys, I have no doubt she'd still be girly.

I caught her admiring herself in the dining room mirror. 

Ella brought her Barbies.

Matthew was intrigued.

He's never seen a Barbie before.

He was particularly perplexed with the fact that Barbie has a bottom.

He wrinkled up his little nose, raised his eyebrows, and asked me, "Ba-bum?  Ba-bum?" 

"Yes, Matthew," I replied.  "Barbie has a bottom."

Then he started laughing.

He thought it was hilarious.

Ella, with one hand on her hip, said, "What, Maffew?  It's just a bottom."

Aren't kids the greatest?