Friday, April 13, 2012

The Little Dream That Could (An Update...)


NOT that anyone is hanging on the edge of their seat to see our little kitchen redo...

But some of you sweeties have asked me about it...

So I thought I might just post a few pictures.

I still have to completely repaint my cabinets and the inside of my pantry (somebody hold me).  Chris has to install our ceiling light, and did I mention I have to paint?  With oil-based messiness?

We hosted a few dear folks for a 6 PM Easter dinner.  At 4:55 PM, Gladys (my 1971 Kenmore stove) was still pulled out to the middle of the dining room because Chris was still grouting the back-splash.  Mercy.  It's a good thing we work well under pressure. He and I got it all put back together and the house looked great with 30 whole seconds to spare.

We've had some great helpers.


 Chris has been working so hard. 

He installed some "up lighting" on the top of my cabinets.  I like it.
 (The crazy-ugly 1970s ceiling will have to be tackled 
in the next phase of the remodel process.)

Anyway, I'll show more kitchen pics next week.

In the meantime, have I told you how much I respect and admire Abraham Lincoln?

We named our Matthew after him (Matthew Lincoln).

My grandmother had a portrait of young Mr. Lincoln (painted in 1845) hanging in her home for over 20 years.  After she passed away, my aunt so sweetly gave it to me to hang on the walls of my own home.

I remembered this quote by Mr. Lincoln, and couldn't resist joining the two. 
How true it is.

Thanks for reading this randomness.  Hope your week has gone well. 


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the updates!
And I have a photo of Lincoln hanging in my house too! (It's my roommate's, but hey, still counts!)