Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gatherings Magazine--Please Help Bring it to Print!

During the long summer days of the early 1990s, between trips to the orthodontist, excursions to the Sonic Drive Thru in our small Texas hometown, and repeated watching of "Anne of Green Gables",  Heather Spriggs Thompson and I poured over our favorite magazine, Victoria.   We memorized every page with its grainy photographs, romantically flourished fonts, clothes and home decor we yearned for (at our ripe old age of 16).  I'd watch Heather hungrily study each article; the next time I visited, she would have implemented some of the design ideas throughout her childhood home. 

Heather's decorating always, always brought me such joy as it beckoned me to just sit and rest, to allow myself to just breathe and soak in what she had created.

Heather's gift to those of us who have known her has always been a quiet, peaceful, welcoming beauty. 

In 2011, Heather began to share this gift with the world by launching her very own digital magazine called GatheringsUntil this point, Gatherings has existed as a free online publication, a place where Heather, as editor-in-chief, has brought together a lovely bouquet of articles about vintage finds, food, crafting, interior design, and styling and presented them together as a posy for the world's enjoyment.  So far, eight digital issues have been released. 

Gatherings' audience is GROWING and has become one of the leading digital "lifestyle" magazines.  Under Heather's leadership, Gatherings now has the opportunity to become a printed publication.


On June 6, 2013, Heather initiated a Kickstarter project to bring Gatherings to print.  As a book publisher's daughter I know this to be true:  printing high-quality images on beautiful paper is no inexpensive endeavor.  Therefore, with the help of community, with everyone pitching in what they can, we can raise enough funds to send Gatherings to press.

But those funds have to be pledged by July 6.  

If the Kickstarter project reaches the goal (i.e. if enough funds are pledged by July 6), we expect to release the first printed edition of Gatherings in September.  If the goal is not reached, those who have pledged will not be charged.

It's fast and easy (and safe!) to pledge on Kickstarter.  I just did; it took less than 5 minutes using my Amazon account. 

I genuinely appreciate your support of this dream and of this opportunity to allow others to pour over the magazine's inspiring printed pages.

For more information on both the magazine and the Kickstarter project, please watch this video by Heather.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Annie said...

so glad you posted this! just pledged :)

Heather said...

Thank you Ginny!
Im beyond gratitude for your genoristy and undying support of my creative endeavors over the past 20++ years! My life wouldn't be the same with out you!
Happy almost bday!

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