Monday, March 10, 2014

Gatherings Magazine Spring Issue is HERE! Artists + Artisans

In a world that often cries, "Me, me!  Look at MEEEEEEE!", my childhood friend, Heather Thompson, editor-in-chief of Gatherings Magazine, sings a refreshingly different chorus.  Despite her own incredible talents as an artist and designer, Heather works tirelessly to highlight the creative accomplishments and endeavors of others.  She is the artists' champion.  Their ambassador.  

Today, the Spring 2014 issue of Gatherings Magazine has been released.  Artists + Artisans is a strong continuation of Heather's desire to be the voice for creative talents around the world.  

In Heather's words, "Gatherings is an independent, home-grown magazine with a mission to provide beautiful inspiration for everyday living and encourage creative spirits."

Here is a preview of Heather's hard work to do just that...

You can view the digital version of this magazine for $4.95.  A print version is available for $14.95.  A one-year subscription is available for $60.  Please visit the online shop for purchases.  


Heather S Thompson said...

Thank you dearest most treasured friend. It is glowing women like you that ignite my heart for this magazine project. It truly takes a village and its an honor to have you (in your thatched roof cottage) in this village. Thank you for your stellar contribution this issue of another inspiring small business, Crepes Paulette!

Clipping Path said...

This is lovely. keep it up.This is so lovely.