My family.  Worth more than all the butter in France.

Dear Reader,

Please pour yourself a nice cup of tea and stay awhile.  There's everything from hysterics to heartbreak on this little blog of mine, and a good menu pairing for everything in between.

While the awareness and desire for "real food" is currently sweeping the nation, I've (mostly) been preparing real food for quite some time.  Yes--if you poke around long enough you'll find a few recipes that contain ingredients that would light some folk's hair on fire, but by and large, I prepare and share mostly unprocessed recipes. 

I really desire your feedback. If you make something I've posted and it turns out terribly wrong, will you please, please, please let me know?  (And if it turns out right, you'll help smother the fire of my outrageous sense of insecurity if you let me know that, too.)

Thank you!


P.S.   You can contact me at cookingwithchopin(at)yahoo(dot)com.