Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden Bounty...

Take a long, hard look at it.

It will be the only produce from my garden this year.

And I didn't even plant it, this little yellow crookneck squash.  The birds did.  In March, when I should have been tilling and seeding my vegetable garden, I was overwhelmed with work and Matthew's back-to-back-to-back ear infections.  So I didn't plant a thing, except the herbs in the kitchen windowbox.  A few weeks ago, I noticed a squash plant coming up in the middle of the play area in front of my normally-designated garden site.  "What in the world?" I wondered.  We sure didn't plant it.  But I am grateful for it all the same.  It has a few siblings that I will pluck later this week (that sounds awful, like it should be accompanied by an evil "muwwwwwaaahahahaha" laugh).

So, how to prepare this darling thing?  Lightly steamed and salted?  Yes.  I do believe so. 

We will savor the birds' gift.  I suppose it was their sign of gratitude to us for providing them with the "gourmet" birdseed during the winter.  Cheeky little beggars.


Tyler & Ginger said...

I absolutely LOVE this article of your blog. It makes me smile. (And remember to enjoy the "little" things)... love it.