Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life Lessons from a Four-Year-Old

Timothy, after waking up from his nap:

Timothy:  "Mommy?"

Ginny:  "Hey, buddy.  I'm so glad you're awake!"

T (very serious):  "Yes, Mommy.  I'm glad, too.  Now, Mommy, I was thinking something." 

G:  "What's that?"

T:  "I think we should make a cake for our family."

G:  "A cake?"

T:  "Yes.  A cake.  You know, we can make a cake even if it isn't my birthday or your birthday or Daddy's birthday or Matthew's birthday.  We can make a cake for all our!" 

G:  "That sounds like fun."

T:  "But, Mommy?"  

Me:  "Yes, baby?"

T: "I think the cake should look just like my last birthday cake.  That would be extra fun."

Timothy's most recent birthday cake:

Today's cake will definitely be a "family" cake:  While helping me make it, Timothy sneezed in the batter (nothing gross came out, but still!), and he quadruple-dipped his "taste-testing" finger.  Ah, yes!  Family cooking at its germiest!

He also performed the most important duty of all:  licking the spoon.

Lesson learned?  Even if today isn't your birthday, celebrate your life anyway!