Monday, September 6, 2010

Musings from the Hometown

Day 3 - A Tuesday in Fredericksburg

The day after we arrived at Mom's house was so much fun.  The house is old...I mean old--like part of it was built in 1877--and is positioned on 10 acres.  The morning started out with the "farm chores" including gathering the eggs and feeding the animals.

My highest desire is for our land to provide most of what we need...self-sufficiency.  I'd love to have chickens for fresh eggs and an incredible garden to provide produce which I would can and freeze.  I admire what my mom has done with her property, as she has a bountiful garden and happy hens who provide her with 4-6 gorgeous eggs every morning.

Feeding the Hens

Sweet, long-suffering Helga.  She was the only one who would let the boys come close enough to pet her.

You would not believe how delicious these things were. 
Bright orange and so flavorful, scrambled with a bit of cream and salt.

After breakfast, we ventured out to Maggie's cabin.  She lives on a beautiful piece of property about 20 minutes east of Mom; it's a ranch with all sorts of animals including horses.  After searching around for small place of her own, God literally dropped this right in Maggie's lap.  She has the most precious landlords and one of the most divine views the hill country has to offer.

Maggie's Cabin

Her Front Gate

View from the Front Porch

   Precious Little Kitchen
(She has cranked some amazing meals out of this tiny thing
with her two-burner electric cooktop and toaster oven.)

I love this plaque. 

Artwork by a darling and uber-talented friend of ours...

While we were at the cabin, we took a tour of the property.  Maggie, Timothy and I were driving a "mule"...those four-wheel-drive golf cart thingies.  Chris was riding the dirt bike.  Oh so much fun (until we got into the bramble patch!)

This ole' girl was beautiful. 
I wish you could smell her lovely horse-y smell and touch her velvet nose.

This guy's expression: "Oh yippie.  Another kid on my back." 
Timothy was picking up on his body language and wanted OFF!

The horse's grain is kept in the back of this "mule" vehicle thing.  In old coffee cans.  I suppose that's what Mary was searching for when the can affixed itself to her mouth.   Maggie, ever the animal-rescuer, removed the can, but we all had a great laugh in the meantime.  

No Texas ranch "mule" is complete without at least two shotguns.

Me,  in my Lady Godiva moment.  Only with short hair.  And clothes on. 

And lest you think I wouldn't risk such a thing,
yes I DID ride the motorcycle! 
All the way to 3rd gear, baby!