Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reliving Early Married Life

Journey with me some more down my Memory Lane, will you?

After we left the boys with Mom and my sister, Maggie, in Fredericksburg, we went to San Antonio.  Our flight to San Francisco left San Antonio on Thursday, August 26th; we went down the night before to visit our old San Antonio "haunts" as we courted, married, and lived in San Antonio for a while before we moved to Arkansas in 2001.

We lived in houses across the street from each other in San Antonio until we got married, and then I moved into "his".  Those memories are beautiful.  Here's the house I lived in:  it was a duplex...I lived downstairs.

And here's the house Chris first lived in (upstairs).  I happily moved over there after we got married.  Those picture windows were fabulous:  the light was really great.

After visiting our houses, we drove just down the street to the church where we were married.  It was  beautiful:  a Tiffany stained-glass window.  Slate-tiled roof.  Arches.  Fountain.  Courtyard.  Incredible.

Here we are, a few more lines on our faces,
a few grey hairs here and there.
Growing old together...joyfully.