Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Wonder Why...

1)  Children with very runny noses aren't equipped with an alarm that sounds before they sneeze, alerting their mothers to come running with a tissue.

2)  My hair looks like Thomas Jefferson's when I attempt to pull its painfully slow-growing self into a ponytail.

3)  I am unable to keep the interior of my purse from looking like this (the car is not staged):

4)  There aren't sippy-cup assembling races similar to what the military do to put together their guns. 

5)  The dirty laundry of my family seems to procreate within the hampers.  They were empty on Tuesday, now they're full.  If they want to make more of themselves, fine.  But wouldn't it be nice if laundry baskets were like the goose who laid the daily golden egg?  Then I could magically pull out the coat from this month's Anthropologie cover.  Or a new pair of Seven jeans.  My laundry hampers only breed socks.   And then the washing machine eats one of each pair.  There's nothing magical about that.

6)  Putting gloves on small children isn't an Olympic event.  It should be.

7)  This is a food blog and the authoress hasn't posted a recipe in three days.

I'll get right on that.


Wendy said...

Ricotta cheese missy! Go make it right now.

Anjie said...

Thomas Jefferson....LOL! I hate that stage...