Monday, November 1, 2010

It Finally Happened...To ME!

Something amazing happened today.

I am still in shock.


My kids played together!  Outside!  Nicely!  For half an hour!

Up to this point, I thought this was merely something that happened in the movies and in other people's lives, not mine.

Until today.

When I was able to mostly cook dinner.


In peace.

Without small children hanging from my waistband and reaching for hot things on the stove.

Mothers of Young Children across the nation:  take heart.  This too can happen to you!

My boys in the yard amongst a sea of plastic toys that we said we'd never have. 

(Timothy is feeding Matthew a partially-chewed Candy Corn, in case you're wondering.) 

That's just like us saying, before we had kids, that we'd never allow the kids to eat in the car or have battery-operated toys that played obnoxious music.


A word to those with no children:  never, ever dispense a parenting proclamation until after you become a parent. 

Otherwise you will eat your words. 

Over and over again.

And all of your already-parent friends will laugh at you.

(Que the laughing, Christy and Anjie.)

And when in the HECK did my firstborn get so big that he is already attempting this?

Notice anything missing from his bike?

He got about 4-5 cranks of the pedals in before he became really wobbly and Chris had to steady him.

It's been a good day over here!

How was your day?  (And I mean that most sincerely...not in a grocery-store-clerk kind of way.)


Anjie said...

That is so the pics