Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to my Living Room

I'm expecting a knock on the door any moment now.

It will be Southern Living requesting begging me to allow them to feature my home in January's issue.

I took the picture above and then came back to my computer (to obsessively check my blog stats...I have a little problem with that...)

While I was doing that, Timothy was busy in the living room. I could hear him saying things like:

"Class!  It's time to listen to the teacher!"

"Everyone, everyone.  Time to sit at your desks!"

Did you ever set up your Barbies in a classroom setting and let Western Barbie be the teacher?  (I grew up in Texas; she was a must-have.)

Some things never change.

Only this is the boy version.

Ahhh.  One day I'll be sad when there aren't any more plastic toys in my house, right?



Anjie said...

I wish I could upload a photo of my living room to your page :(
yours looks so nice and organized play...mine not so much

Heather-Gathering Spriggs said...

i think southern living should reconsider their approach. you should submit a post! for reals!!

Ginny said...

Heather: this is reason # 8,463 why I love you.