Monday, April 11, 2011

Butterfly Friend

Yesterday I did some gardening.

While the boys were "helping" me plant seeds, I happened to look over and see a beautiful butterfly, sitting helplessly close to Matthew.

It's wings were torn and it could not fly.

We put it in a safe place (i.e. out of the kids' reach),
and went inside for the evening.

This morning, the butterfly was in the same spot!

So Timothy decided to "take care of it".

Don't we all have days when our wings are tattered?

As gentle as he was being, I couldn't help but think
it was the butterfly version of "Misery",
with Timothy unwittingly playing Kathy Bates' role.

I convinced the boys to let the little fellow have a snack.
"Ahhhhhh," it said, breathing a sigh of relief.

Cue the "Jaws" music...
   "AHHH! It's the little hand again!"

Matthew decides to have mercy, at his brother's insistence.

It's good for broken wings.


heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

these images are heavenly! what a sweet moment shared with your darlings. thanks for including us in this blessed event. i love how you always see the grand metaphors in the simple things.

Unknown said...

I feel guilty for laughing but that comment about Kathy Bates kills me!!!!!
Poor little flutterby!

Anjie said...

so sweet! I remember "doctoring" things to death...