Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eggs Cocotte

While I was at the IACP meeting in Austin, I won something.

Outside of the time I won a glass swan from the local antique store when I was in the 4th grade, I rarely win anything of true value.

The waiting paid off.

I won three precious Le Creuset "mini cocottes."  In the most wonderful shade of blue. 

Immediately, I knew.  I had to make these little things.

Oeuf Cocotte is a lovely French recipe.  Eggs are baked in cream with a bit of ham, tomatoes, herbs and spices to yield one of the most satisfying combination of flavors.   

"Cocotte" is the French word for a small fireproof dish in which individual proportions are prepared.

Interestingly, it is also the French word for prostitute.

Talk about a strange homonym.

Outside of that bizarre fact, this is a delectable dish.  The kids ate it right up, especially since I served it in the little blue dishes.

Please don't be deterred by all of the fancy French language.  This is very easy and you probably have everything you need on hand.

Oeuf Cocotte
3 individual servings

Butter for greasing ramekins or cocottes
3 tablespoons creme fraiche, or sour cream, or heavy whipping cream
2 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto (lunchmeat ham will do, just don't tell anyone :)

3 large eggs
5 cherry tomatoes, halved
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 tablespoon fresh chives, chopped
1 tablespoon fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Grease two 6-ounce ramekins (or mini cocottes) with butter. Drop a tablespoon of cream into each ramekin and top with the ham.  Break one egg into each ramekin without rupturing the yolk, top with the ham, and season with salt, pepper and herbs.
Place the ramekins in a baking dish large enough to accommodate them and pour hot water in the dish halfway up the ramekins (this helps conduct the heat gently and evenly around them).

Place the dish in the oven and bake for 15 to 18 minutes, depending on how runny you like your eggs.

Remove the dish from the oven and the ramekins from the dish.  Serve immediately, with crusty bread for dipping.

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Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos,, I came to you from the Newbie Party,, I'm your newest follower,

Susan said...

This sounds so yummy! I've seen these little crocks in stores but never known what could be done with them! I may try this the next time I have prosciutto in the house. (or ham, heehee).

Stopping by from Debbiedoo's! I'm a new follower.

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

That looks delicious!

Your new follower

Devan D said...

Those are super cute! Love the blue! I especially appreciate that you included the substitutes along with the ingredients! ;) I will have to give it a try...once my kitchen is fully functioning!

MamaMonki said...

Sounds delish. Wish I had such pretty dishes to cook it in.

Following from the Newbie party!

Debbiedoos said...

Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe with us Ginny.

Heather said...

thanks Ginny. I think this recipe is single handedly saving my marriage!!!! (jk) Maybe just putting a spark back in it! My husband is currently licking his ramekin clean and asking for more!!!!!!! Yes! its true!
You see, we have a favorite Viennese restaurant in Chicago called Julius Meinl where we always order their baked egg dishes. (same idea with different flavor profiles) My husband can be kind of finicky when it comes to eggs but he has always like those dishes. And now, we can have them at home thanks to you!!! Thank you for taking the fear out of cooking (especially recipes with French names). He wants to hire you to be our live in chef now!

Jun said...

It's simple and delicious, and the photos are sooooo mouth watering!