Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Saying

I'm from Texas, the part with a lot of cowboys.  (Oh wait, that describes the whole state.)

When I was in high school, I became aware of the following phrase: "Cowboy Up."  Also available in the gender-equal "Cowgirl Up", this saying gently reminds its reader to do things like "Get Tough", "Deal With It", "Put on Your Big Girl Panties", and so forth.  

I've decided to coin a new phrase to be used when mothers of boys need to psyche themselves up to thread a worm on a fishing hook, remove the squished caterpillars or frogs from his jean pocket before you wash them, or involve her fatigued self in a never-ending light saber battle. 

The phrase is...Boy Mom Up.

As mothers of boys, we sometimes have to do things that make us want to gag (see: threading a worm on a fishing hook) or fall over in a wearied puddle of exhaustion. 

Yeah, we're moms.  We're female.  That means many of us enjoy movies like "Anne of Green Gables", "Out of Africa", and "French Kiss."  We like rainbows and ponies, French braids and Nutella.  This new world of war jargon, sword battles, and mock brutality is somewhat jarring to us.  Hearing my baby boy say to his brother, "I'm dunna tiwl you, bubby!" does strange things to my guts.

Like many of you, I have to do a lot of things I don't WANT to do. 

I don't necessarily WANT to ride a bike over the ramps and jumps we have on the park across the street and do "tricks" and "stunts", but when I do, the boys go wild.

"Whoa, MOMMY!  I didn't know you could do that!!"

Some days, I would rather sit and read a book, but how can I resist when the two fruits of my womb beg me to be Captain Hook while they are (both) Peter Pan?

"Boy-Momming-Up" is wearing hiking boots or tennis shoes when you would rather wear high heels or ballet flats.

It's playing out in the hot, sticky, mosquito-filled yard when you'd rather be in the air-conditioning checking Facebook.

In order to get the boys to eat beans, I've had to crudely rename the legumes "toot bombs".  But it works because they eat every single one of them and then proudly announce when the beans have reached their intestinal tract.    

I didn't really WANT the boys to get covered in mud the other day while I was working on the window, but partially out of desperation and partially out of knowledge that their little souls have a deep need to mix water and dirt and then roll around in it, I allowed them to.  

And yesterday, I was really quite tired.  I was ready to "clock out" for a while.  But Chris set up an awesome Nerf gun "course" on the park across the street from our house.  Our boys and the neighbor kids were excited to have a "war".  My husband said he needed me to be on his team.  At first I stared off into space, considering how my legs were feeling like cinder blocks.  But then I "boy-mommed-up" and agreed.  I might not have been the most active player.  Or the most valuable player.  But I was out there, and that counts.  Never mind that I screamed and winced when someone within 7 feet shot at me.  I hope that my boys will remember my presence on the battleground one day, even though I'm not in any of the pictures.  

I can hardly stand the cuteness.  Look at those socks! 

My fierce Nerf warriors.

We burn a lot of calories around this place.

This is our neighbor, Tanner.  He's the resident expert on all things Nerf and war related.  He had just done the "paintball slide" and said he had a huge grass stain.  I told him his mother would be grateful he was wearing camo.

  Do you like our pool noodle "light saber"?  (Thanks, Mariah.)

Matthew ensuring Tanner he is really "dead" by viciously beating him about the head and shoulders with the pool noodle. 

Here's Tanner's sister, Abby.  Matthew was taking no prisoners.  Abby didn't even get a chance to load her rifle, poor girl.  She's my only female comrade in this rowdy bunch of boys (but she can outrun, out-throw, and out-shoot me any day.)

Chris has absolutely no fun out whatsoever.  (Just kidding!  He's living the dream!)

I am so happy to be a boy mom!

I just need to be sure I can always keep up with them.

Thankfully, playing hard eventually gives way to napping hard (or vice-versa).

Do you have any stories to share of your proudest "boy mom" moment?  Please share...we all need inspiration.

I'm thinking of designing a bumper sticker.  Who wants one?

Be sure to "boy mom up" today if you can!  Your kids will never forget it. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story and pictures, Ginny. You are so creative and very good with words. I'm sure you could write an extremely interesting book about raising those boys. Keli, our daughter in law really struggled with the whole concept - she grew up with two sisters!!!! God is great!

Lynne @ CookandBeMerry said...

I remember when my boys were the age of yours. Never a quiet moment. Then they grew up to be a pianist and building bionic arms for NASA. The most exciting years are before you.

Mary said...

Sweetest article I've read in..... a very long time. Thanks for reminding me of my past "boy Mom" days and moments! I wouldn't trade any of them for all the ice cream in the world!