Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Crazy Snake Man

The following images are distinctly unrelated to food.

Unless you hail from a culture which includes slithery reptiles on its menu.
My husband is wise and cautious.

It's his job to weigh risks and make sagacious decisions for others.

But the man is afraid of nothing.

Including snakes.
This particular non-poisonous specimen was writhing across our road as Chris was driving back to the office after lunch yesterday.

And so of course, Chris stopped and picked him up.

I had to haul my whiny, feverish self off of the couch to capture it all. 

Because the combination of my pajama-clad children plus Chris in his (almost) three-piece suit with a 4-foot black snake wrapped around his wrist just screams "food-blogging moment!", no?
And while my innards were quivering with disgust and recoiling with disdain for the serpent, I firmly resisted the urge to back my car out of the driveway and repeatedly drive over it's skull. 

And though I screamed and sweated while taking these pictures, I have so much respect for my snake-charming husband. 
For every situation in life, from the no-biggies like picking up harmless snakes to the loin-girding moments where doing the right thing means going against the flow of 21st-century "morality" and opening himself up to criticism and disdain, Chris has more guts than any man I know.

And that makes me crazy for him.


Anjie Fitch said...

Love this! Go Chris!

Auburn said...

I just love reading your blog. :)