Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Note...

It's a curious thing, this food blogging.

This decision I've made to share the happenings in my kitchen with the world.

To document my successes.

And failures.
 (This was absolutely as disgusting as it looks.)

Every now and then, I try to cook something new without photographing it.

And when I do that, I get to cook with the lights on.  (Natural-light food photographers have to "do it in the dark".  I swear I'm going to have that made into a t-shirt or something.) 

It's fun (and so much faster), but cooking without my camera makes me feel lonely.

Like someone's missing.

{That would be you.}

I've had this blog for 2 years now.  By the blogging world's standards, if I were going to become "anything", I would have by now.

But by my standards, I am something.

I remain enthusiastic and passionate about this blog.

About this creative avenue I have paved.

Heaving the huge boulders and roadblocks out of the way to make the blog happen is hard work.

Setting aside time to cook and create and share while keeping my household running in peace is not easy, as most mothers and wives know.

So, thanks.  Thanks for showing up and reading these words and looking at the pictures.  Neither are always polished or focused, but they come from a vulnerable place nestled deep within me that I've only recently had the courage and confidence to share.  

Thank you for so lovingly receiving what I'm putting out there.



Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever commented here but I've been a long-time reader of this lovely blog. Thank you for taking the time to be vulnerable and share with the world your thoughts, recipes, joys, disappointments, successes and failures. It makes us all feel we are not alone. :)

Ginny said...

Thank you, sweet Karla. Your words mean so much to me. Being vulnerable is so opposed these days...we're all supposed to be WonderWomen with our hearts stuffed safely away in a metal cages so they can't be hurt (or genuine). I appreciate your validation. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

yes YOU are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!<3