Monday, August 13, 2012

Self-Incrimination of the Most Hilarious Order

We've recently given our son Timothy, 6, our old point-and-shoot camera that also takes videos.  

He videos everything these days.  I love seeing life from a child's perspective.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for me as I've had several extra chicks in my nest.  I had no idea this video existed until I just downloaded the memory card from Timothy's camera.

Judging by the outfit I'm wearing, this video was taken on Friday.  That's when I was approaching Really, Really Tired and Out of Healthy Kid Meal Ideas and served the kids plain old mac-and-cheese on paper plates.  

In addition to the macaroni and cheese, I did give the children each a ration of dark chocolate, the most important part of any balanced meal. :)  Timothy had been given strict instructions to finish eating the macaroni before eating the chocolate.  You can see how well he adhered to that motherly command.

(In the background, Timothy's brother, Matthew, is struggling to open the jar where I keep pistachios.  Matthew also commandeers the camera at around 30 seconds in this video, so please excuse the 5 seconds of sibling screaming.)

After I collected myself from laughing so hard, this video provided a great opportunity to teach Timothy about integrity. 


Kathi said...

love this! when my girls were little they used to hide things they didn't like on a small ledge under the table and throw them away later. didn't find this out until they were in their 20s. good thing they didn't have a video camera

Annie said...

LOL!!!! This is hilarious! (And my mom is right, we did hide things under the ledge of the table- mostly my sister did this, but I am sure I'm also guilty of it)

Thanks for sharing!