Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ugly Pies

File this one in the "let's be real, people" folder.

I make ugly pies. 
(Shriveled peach pie with a dragon-toothed edge, anyone?)

No matter how hard I try (which is very hard),



  They turn out ugly.

I start out with the best intentions of having tender, flaky crusts filled with juicy, sweet fruit, and then...what happens?

At the moment when I need to be giving the pies my best concentration and effort, I somehow end up with my tiny cell phone perched between my raised shoulder and my jaw, trying to get the pediatrician to renew Timothy's asthma medication prescription while my boss beeps in on the other line needing a spreadsheet ASAP amid Matthew's wails from injuries he sustained while jumping off the back of the couch that he was not supposed to be climbing on in the first place.

All while I'm trying to lace the dang lattice work on the apple pie. 

But even without those excuses, I simply have no pie skills.

Plus now the kitchen's a wreck.  Yippee.

Thankfully, my boys don't care if the pies turn out ugly.  Or if their mommy is terribly Type A.  Or if she is sorely lacking in her efforts to make a pretty pastry or pie of any sort.

Makes not a bit of difference to this carefree, superhero-filled day of his childhood.

And I'll say amen to that, ugly pies and all.


Kathi said...

I too make ugly pies! My mom and aunt make the best and prettiest pies, in fact at Thanksgiving we seldom have less than 15 pies. Often for as few as 15 people :D I just try to go for yummy and that is just the way it goes. I bet your boys liked the dragon tooth edge as much as the delicious peach filling.

Ginny said...

Yay. Let's start the Ugly Pie Club, Kathi. I bet Martha will be calling in no time to book a segment on her show.

15 pies for 15 people! That's a terrific ratio.

(I go for yummy, too. I will never, ever win for presentation on any dessert I make. And I think I'm finally OK with that.)

Erin Southwell said...

LOVE IT!! Even ugly pies taste delicious! and seriously, the lattice is pretty!!

Ginny said...

Thank you, Erin. That means a lot, especially coming from someone like you who has beauty and grace pouring out of her fingertips and into everything she creates!

Anonymous said...

sometimes we have ugly pie days
and its ok, cuz you ooze lavender every other moment of every other day! ,3
p.s. its me