Friday, April 26, 2013

A Funk and A Block

What do you get when a food blogger falls deeply into a food "funk" and has a bad case of writer's block? 


Which is kind of what's been happening on the blog lately...a bunch of nothing.

(Thanks to you faithful readers who haven't fled in mass exodus.)

If you want to know "what's going on?", here's the scoop:

1)  I'm homeschooling my boys.  And I love it.  And I hate it.  It's so wonderfully rewarding.  And it's also so blasted hard that some days I want to run wildly down the street, waving my arms in the air like a mad woman. But I love teaching them; they are doing great and their little sponge brains are soaking up information as fast as I can teach it.  Homeschooling has brought every one of our disciplinary issues to the forefront (lesson #1:  a mama can't teach children who won't obey her).  And yet, despite the hard parts, I am brimming with hope and fervent excitement because---we're getting it all worked out!  

I figure our hearts will be nice and tidy just in time for the wrecking ball of preadolescence to strike. 

Anyway--homeschooling.  It takes a huge bite out of my day.   

2)  I have this nagging feeling that I need to cut out wheat and dairy from our diets (mine especially).  I'm trying to eliminate these ingredients completely, but sheesh.  It's been a big personal struggle.

3) And as I continue to remove processed food from our life, and as my family gags and wails and rips their clothing in agony over the meals that I now present to them, I want to again run down the street screaming--but this time with a Butterfinger candy bar in one hand and sloshing can of Diet Coke in the other.  Because I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes I just want to tear open a package of something and eat it without the croaky voice of "do you know what nasty chemicals are in that?" yelling in my ear.  

So, the combination of these elements have left me in a huge food funk. Until my passion for cooking and creating returns, I'm taking a break.  Because I can't force myself to love my hobby.  That's kind of the ultimate oxymoron. 

Besides:  I've already got lots of great recipes on the blog to choose from.  Please browse through them and make something yummy!

Questions:  do you ever get in a food funk?  Have you had to make dietary changes?  And if so, how did you survive?  


Caneel said...

First, I love you. Second, you know I can totally relate. Third, this life-weary food blogger has ripped open a Milky Way Midnight bar three times this week (the midnights are gluten-free, the regular aren't) and said, "Screw healthy. I need this." And has fed her family grits and eggs, toast and eggs, and pancakes for too many meals to count in the last month.

You're doing a great job, with everything. A break is okay.

Rachel said...

I feel your pain! All except the homeschooling...I'm not that crazy! :)
We cut out processed everything in January & I swear if I look at another chicken breast with a veggie side...I may just die!
I made flour-less & butter-less cookies this week just to fill a "need" and proceeded to eat three for lunch!

Caneel said...

I just realized I didn't answer the second part to your post, although you know the answer :) Yes, we obviously were forced into a drastic diet change overnight! We have survived ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this post! I thought you were homeschooling, and just couldn't figure out how you could do it ALL! Thank you for being so honest, and letting us know that things aren't always perfect. Hang in there momma!

Anonymous said...

yup, you are awesome
thanks for sharing the truth

Anjie Fitch said...

I litter my day with processed foods.....sigh

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