Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Simple Summer

How's your summer been thus far? 

We've (gleefully) downshifted to a slower pace.

I've tried a few new recipes,
Like these Cinnamon-Roll Biscuits.

And these Potato-Rosemary Pancakes.

But we've mostly been eating familiar, simple foods.

My flower garden had it's best year so far.

It's beauty had a strong gravitational pull on my heart...

And I just couldn't stay out of it.  (Which was a wonderful "problem".)

I've devoted most of my time to playing with these charming fellows.

I love summer.


Heather Y. (aka Mommy) said...

So fun... and the boys are adorable! Thanks for sharing, Ginny! :)

Caneel said...

*sigh* I would love to sit in that garden with you. One day. One day. :) Love this, the beauty and simplicity!

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