Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Really Yucky Recipe (and the Kitchen Isn't Quite Done Yet)

I finally cooked something in my pretty, new, partially-finished kitchen.  

But it wasn't great.

Which is really disappointing. 

Because I so badly wanted to successfully post a recipe tonight.  

I miss cooking and sharing my stuff with you.

This evening I made Chicken with Sweet Raisins and Apricot Sauce over Parsley-ed Orzo with Toasted Almonds.  (An adapted Rachel Ray recipe.)

During dinner, Chris and I said (approximately 9 thousand times) to the kids:  "Put a bite in your mouth, Timothy."  "Come on, take a bite Matthew."  "Finish up!"  "Come on!"  "Chew it up, boys!"   

(Almost every mealtime I feel like Napoleon Dynamite saying to the family's pet llama, "EAT YOUR  FOOD, TINA!!!!!")  

In a sweet, loving, motherly way, of course.

But tonight, my Timothy was really trying his best to obey.  I knew he was hungry.  

After staring at his plate for a while, he finally scrunched up his little nose, exhaled loudly, and said in all sincerity and without the slightest hint of disrespect, "Mommy.  This chicken is super yucky!" 

How can I possibly respond to that?  I was laughing so hard, hiding behind the counter so he wouldn't see me cracking. 

"Oh, go on, boys.  Go wash your hands and play."

I will not post this recipe, and not just because my kid didn't like it.  As fellow food photographers will understand, the sauce (plus the raisins and apricots) turned the chicken a funky color and I cannot even describe to you how awful it looked once plated.  

Well...here...tell me really.  What does that chicken+sauce look like to you? 

Retch!  Retch!

We all have mess-ups in the kitchen.  Only the brave (or stupid) admit it.

The kitchen's getting close to being done.  I had to order some cabinet hardware...it hasn't arrived yet, so I just can't take a photo until it's finished.

I'm done with the pantry, though!  I'm excited.  I'll show that to you soon.

Thanks for reading my posts even when they're not pretty,


Wendy Bentien said...

This is awesome. So true. Not everything can be delicious. I have had so many of these. Yuck. Sorry. Hang in there.