Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snippets of Stuff

Caulk and Mud
Last week, I had the pleasure of scraping off the remnants of a bad caulking job with a razor blade.  

Took me about 2 hours of pure, unadulterated fun. 

Since I was working on the kitchen window which overlooks the front yard, I was able to boot the boys outside to play.

Sure enough, they made a mud hole.

And proceeded to paint their bodies.
You might be thinking, "Oh, wow.  She's such a chilled mom to let her kids get so dirty."  Not so.  I am trying to be more of a chilled, spontaneous, "let's-go-out-and-get-MUDDY" type of mom.

But this was an act of occupation desperation.  I needed their hands and hearts to be doing something (anything!) while I scraped the caulk.

And as long as their chosen activity didn't involve guns, knives, illegal drugs, or motor vehicles, I was good with it.

I am often racked with guilt that our pet rabbit, Mr. Sniffer, has to live his life in a (luxury) hutch on our back porch. 

So (every now and then) I let him inside.  He stays in the kitchen and rips up the newspaper.  The kids feed him expensive organic produce and I feel better about the state of our animal affairs.

The day that my children stop putting on their shirts, shorts, and underwear backwards will be a sad one for me.

And Finally...My Pantry
Surely you remember the "before" shot:

Ahhhhh.   Now it's white and there's SPACE between the items.  Magazine beautiful?  No.   But very practical and ultra user-friendly. 

I'm going back in there to stare at it now.


Ella Grace Boutique said...

hey there, love your pantry, looks great! what a difference paint can make:) and Mr. Sniffer, lives a life most animals only dream about, he is obviously not deprived (unless the camera is adding all the pounds) he is one healthy bunny, soo're so sweet to have him for the kids:)